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Article Date01-09-2009
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Article TitlePeriodical Sep 2006

VVi is for you, all veterans, regardless of whether you belong to a veteran organization or not. VVi is a distribution centre, a conduit for making sure that the information you need as a veteran is there for you in a timely fashion. Our aim is to provide a forum for all Canadian veterans, serving members and their families to have access to information pertaining to veteran rights.

VVi is an independent site, not associated with any governmental department, agency or veteran organization. is maintained by independent contributions.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Periodical Update

Welcome back from the summer break!

The VVi Periodical will once again be starting up. In this issue, the Periodical will remind all subscribers of the Military Veteran Research-Study (Medical Pensions). The response has been very good thus far, providing the independent staff of the research study to already draw conclusions. So if you had missed the initial survey it has been listed here again.

As well, Military/RCMP Pensioners Against Benefit Reduction at age 65, have been busy over the summer launching various letter writing campaigns. Support amongst veterans is strong for this effort and it appears that this organization has gained a number of in-roads in seeking political support from the House of Commons. To find out further information on this organization's recent activity go to their web site, .

Following VVi Periodicals will be covering various topics of concern to Canadian veterans, serving CF members and their families, in addition to the latest developments in benefits for disabled veterans.

Our focus is on all veterans, but increasingly a greater amount of our energy has to be spent on looking after future veterans, those CF members currently serving on missions throughout the globe.

VVi Publisher

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Military Veterans Research-Study (Medical Pensions)

Click here for the Survey. The Survey will open up in a new window as a form. Complete the form and submit.

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You Can Help!

All veterans are encouraged to pass information, opinions, links to self-help sites onto VVi. is a distribution centre and we are dependant on others to pass information. This is your site. Tell other veterans about your site. Email .

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Military Veterans Research-Study (Medical Pensions)

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Periodical Issue01-06-2006
Periodical No20069
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