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1RecordNVC01-09-2009Veteran's Modernization Task Force UpdateNEWS

VMTF Update 31 Aug 2005

Subject: Update note....

Good morning everyone - I was just wanting to touch base with you all in

advance of our next face-to-face session in September.

Since we last met in late July, Louise and I have compiled all the comments

that you provided in relation to the Job Placement and Rehabi.......
2VViLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009CPVA SITREP27-Aug-05
Hello Everyone,
All quiet on the western front but work continues on many topics related to C-45. Still we are in the dog days of August and so not much appears happening in Ottawa or PEI. It has been a month since our C-45 Committee, local members, met with VAC representatives here in Victoria.
After the meeting on the 27 July our Co.......
5LetterVeteran Ombudsman01-09-2009Letter To Government - Veterans' OmbudsmanLetter To Government - Veterans' Ombudsman, 20 July 2005

July 20, 2005

Breaking Faith: Veterans Affairs Canada Pushes Ahead with C-45 Regulations and Policies without Input from True Stakeholders

cc. DND/CF Ombudsman

Dear (see Distribution List below)

In this, the year of the Veteran, it is understandable that a minority government.......
12VViLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009CPVA C-45 Implementation CommitteeCPVA C-45 Implementation Committee
Hopefully you will all have seen the bundle of documents I forwarded to you from Ken Miller on the 14 and then again on the 15th. This note is a follow on the individual E mail notes I have been sending out enlisting your help.
I have been through the bundle now and detect some cause for concern but more work is requ.......
13LetterLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009Letter To Minister VAC - Lack of Support from Veterans AffairsDear Minister,

I am writing to you yet again to comment on your lack
of sensitivity for veterans with disabilities. You
seem to be ignorant of the detrimental impact of your
correspondence with us. The most recent example is
your letter that I received on 26 September in which
you state that the advisory group that was recently
formed will so.......
14ArchiveVeteran Ombudsman01-09-2009The Case for a Canadian Veteranís OmbudsmanThe Case for a Canadian Veteranís Ombudsman

It is the CPVA position that Canadian veterans need an ombudsman. Our position is founded on these reasons.

1. Canada has more than 400,000 veterans. Most veterans have families and the families add greater depth to the numbers.

2. Canadian citizens that volunteer for service in Canadaís military beli.......
15VViLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009Veterans Satisfied With VAC? VAC SURVEYVAC claims that 85% of its Veterans are satisfied with their services and programs. However:
Only those who had contact with VAC in the previous year AND are in receipt of benefits actually complete the full survey (less than 50% of those receiving the survey).†
The response rate is approximately 76%.
The 85% number is in response to the general ques.......
16VViRCL01-09-2009 Royal Canadian Legion Membership? RCL SURVEYNo one would diminish the incredible achievements of the Legion nor its value to veterans at large and to Canada as a whole. However, the Royal Canadian Legionís membership is declining at the rate of approximately 15,000 members per year. Though it still boasts a membership of more than 400,000, only about 1/3 are War or CF Veterans:Veteran Statistics:.......
17Legacy DB (old) 01-09-2009Serving and Retired Benevolent Charity group-----Original Message-----
Sent: 4-Oct-05 15:43
Subject: Serving and Retired Benevolent Charity group


S, Harold and I met today while Harold was in
Ottawa. One of the things that we discussed is the
development of a group with its sole aim being to
support anything that will ensure quality of life for
serving and retired milita.......
18RecordAgent Orange/Purple01-09-2009Agent Orange (VAC Extract)Agent Orange (VAC Extract)
In June 1966 and June 1967, aerial test sprays were conducted at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick. These sprays contained various herbicides including the substance known as Agent Orange. All current and former Canadian Forces members who think they may have a medical disability that is related to these test sprays or other milita.......