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2VViLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009CPVA SITREP27-Aug-05
Hello Everyone,
All quiet on the western front but work continues on many topics related to C-45. Still we are in the dog days of August and so not much appears happening in Ottawa or PEI. It has been a month since our C-45 Committee, local members, met with VAC representatives here in Victoria.
After the meeting on the 27 July our Co.......
12VViLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009CPVA C-45 Implementation CommitteeCPVA C-45 Implementation Committee
Hopefully you will all have seen the bundle of documents I forwarded to you from Ken Miller on the 14 and then again on the 15th. This note is a follow on the individual E mail notes I have been sending out enlisting your help.
I have been through the bundle now and detect some cause for concern but more work is requ.......
15VViLegacy DB (old)01-09-2009Veterans Satisfied With VAC? VAC SURVEYVAC claims that 85% of its Veterans are satisfied with their services and programs. However:
Only those who had contact with VAC in the previous year AND are in receipt of benefits actually complete the full survey (less than 50% of those receiving the survey).†
The response rate is approximately 76%.
The 85% number is in response to the general ques.......
16VViRCL01-09-2009 Royal Canadian Legion Membership? RCL SURVEYNo one would diminish the incredible achievements of the Legion nor its value to veterans at large and to Canada as a whole. However, the Royal Canadian Legionís membership is declining at the rate of approximately 15,000 members per year. Though it still boasts a membership of more than 400,000, only about 1/3 are War or CF Veterans:Veteran Statistics:.......
26VViRCL01-09-2009RCL Ownership of the Poppy-----Original Message-----
From: SC (name protected) [mailto:]
Sent: 18-Oct-05 11:02
Subject: RE: Use of the Poppy image

Many thanks. We do regularly monitor sites to prevent unauthorized usage. All instances and variations of the Poppy symbol is covered under this trademark. We do not have a trademark.......
101VVi 01-09-2009Military Veterans Research-StudyMilitary Veterans Research-Study

Initial Summary Report

By the Veterans' Survey Group

I have completed my stats. In 92 percent of the time, Veterans Affairs overrules military Medical Releases (even though the military (DND) did everything correctly). The military (DND) made no mistakes in medically releasing all members (Officers: Major to 2n.......
132VVi 01-09-2009Decline Of Veteran BenefitsDecline Of Veteran Benefits

Why did the Government of Canada allow Veterans Benefits to deteriorate to an unfair level!

Why did the Government of Canada fail to properly explain to serving members that it was merging the CPP benefits at age 65, while we continued to make separate maximum contributions as listed on our pay guide, given us a .......
137VVi 01-09-2009LTD and Vocational Rehab, All Will Be In VAC HandsLTD and Vocational Rehab, All Will Be In VAC Hands
Announced at a conference in Ottawa, 24 Sep, effective 09 Oct 2008, LTD and vocational rehab will no longer be conducted through SISIP, specifically contracted to ManuLife. LTD and voc rehab will be controlled directly by VAC utilizing the services of Voc Rehab Canada . The following introduction is .......
142VVi 01-09-2009VAC taking over ltd sisip Q&AVAC taking over ltd sisip

Ref: CLICK Here!†

Question was: So if Manulife is not cutting the ELB checks to the member are they giving the ELB money to VAC for them to deposit to the injured member? If so then maybe a further edit on the VVi is required to clarify because now the impression is VAC is paying the ELB as if they are the insurance carri.......
168VVi 01-09-2009What is VAC Really Doing With Its Budgets?Food for thought!
What is VAC Really Doing With Its Budgets?
A Veteran's Concerns
There have been recent articles in the Ottawa Sun supporting the military. †
The first link below is really interesting because VAC Minister Thompson indicates he would like to see the DND Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Program scrapped. †As the articles point out,.......