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177News 01-09-2009Parliament and our veterans: now’s the time for healingParliament and our veterans: now’s the time for healing It’s time to hold public House National DefenceCommittee hearings into veterans issues.
With another Remembrance Day behind us, now is the time for Parliament to pay more than lip service to truly honour those who have sacrificed much so that Parliament can begin another sessi.......
292News 18-01-2010Liberals hold veterans forum during prorogationLiberals hold veterans forum during prorogation OTTAWA — The federal Liberals will hold a one-day forum this month on suicide, stress disorder, disability and other problems of Afghanistan war veterans.
The event is set for Jan. 28, when opposition MPs re.......
301News 18-01-2010Stoffer angry with Ignatieff Stoffer angry with Ignatieff
'Quiet' Liberals giving PM free rein
By STEPHEN MAHER Ottawa Bureau
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is able to run the country as if he had a majority because Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff isn’t doing a good job as Opposition leader, says Peter Stoffer, the NDP MP for Sackville-Eastern Shore. Mr. Stoffe.......
372News 27-04-2010'Soldiers helping soldiers' readjust Honour House, a private B.C. project, offers help, respite for troops and first responders'Soldiers helping soldiers' readjust Honour House, a private B.C. project, offers help, respite for troops and first responders

By DENE MOORE The Canadian Press
Mon. Apr 26 - 4:53 AM  
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. — When Tony Spiess came back from Canada’s peacekeeping mission in Croatia in 1993, he came back with a lot of baggage.
He’d borne witness to .......
Korean War Veteran
An Independent Newsletter Dedicated to the Sacrifice and Indomitable Spirit of Veterans of the Korean War
Publisher: Vince Courtenay MSM, Advisory Councillor
FLASH! At last, Canada will have a Korea War Veterans Day! 
Terry Wickens, national president of the Korean War V.......
381News 04-05-2010Harper government given low grade on access to informationHarper government given low grade on access to information

The Canadian Press
Date: Monday May. 3, 2010 8:18 AM ET
TORONTO — The epic battle surrounding the release of uncensored Afghanistan detainee documents is the latest example of why the Harper government deserves an F when it comes to access to information, says a new report.
While Canada t.......
419News 11-07-2010Uphill struggle for vetsUphill struggle for vets

By Bill KAUFMANN, Calgary Sun
Last Updated: July 8, 2010 11:33pm
VVi 11 Jul 2010 db

It seemed a perfect match for both, particularly a large organization literally dying to get new blood into its increasingly sclerotic veins.And it’s also a sad commentary on Canada’s misbegotten adventure in Afghanistan and the gaps le.......
428News 05-08-2010Helping Hands Reach out to SoldierHelping Hands Reach out to Soldier
VVi 05 Aug 2010  PORT PERRY, Ont. - Sometimes there are different sets of tools needed to help a soldier move on from the darkness of war.

Perhaps the next thing worse to dying in a war zone is being steps away when it happens to six of your closest pals.

Robert Ayres understands that horror.

"It's not an eas.......
429News 05-08-2010How Canada Is Shafting Its VetsHow Canada Is Shafting Its Vets
July 30th, 2010 at 6:29 am Peter Worthington
VVi 05 Aug 2010   
Arguably, the worst thing that could happen to Canada’s shrinking number of WWII and Korea veterans (now down to about 150,000) and the growing number of Afghanistan vets, would be the blending on Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) into the Department of Nation.......
430News 05-08-2010Canada’s treatment of war veterans 'a national embarrassment'Canada’s treatment of war veterans 'a national embarrassment'
Richard J. Brennan Ottawa Bureau
VVi 05 Aug 2010  
OTTAWA—The way John Sheardown and other veterans in need of long-term care are being treated in their twilight years amounts to a national embarrassment, critics of the Conservative government say.
Sheardown, 85, is a former bomber pilot.......