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Article Date19-12-2020
Record TYPERecord
Article TOPICDU/Metals/Chem
Article TitleCanadaís Unreported Crisis - Canadian Mefloquine(Lariam) Veteran Support
Article ContentCanadaís Unreported Crisis

Years of neglect and mismanagement have led to a crisis in veteranís services, impacting the mental health of veterans and the front line government employees dealing with them.


There is a crisis in this country that isnít being covered by any of the media, and sadly itís probably because this crisis is happening by and large within the veteran community. There is a major problem with the way the government delivers services to our vets right now and it is having a significant impact on the well-being and mental health of thousands of them across the country. It has also negatively impacted the mental health of some of the front-line government employees who deal with veterans on a daily basis.

Iím going to dig deep in order to find out how and why things have reached the point that they have. I will be interviewing veterans as well as current and former VAC employees, and mental health advocates. I will be gathering information from VAC through their published reports and by using ATIP requests, and I am also contacting many of the largest police agencies across Canada for information and input.

Any articles I publish about this will use the hashtag #canadaveteranservicecrisis. I would ask that you please use this hashtag on Twitter and other social media to get it trending.

Contact me.

If you are one of the following, I would like to hear from you:

any veteran who has had a wellness check done by police no matter the outcome

any current or former VAC employees particularly Case Managers and Veteran Service Agents

Information shared with me will be treated as confidential and not shared with anyone without prior approval.

My secure and encrypted email address is
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Periodical Issue19-12-2020
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