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Article Date01-09-2009
Record TYPELegacy DB (old)
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Article TitleServing and Retired Benevolent Charity group
Article Content-----Original Message-----
Sent: 4-Oct-05 15:43
Subject: Serving and Retired Benevolent Charity group


S, Harold and I met today while Harold was in
Ottawa. One of the things that we discussed is the
development of a group with its sole aim being to
support anything that will ensure quality of life for
serving and retired military personnel and their

All military personnel and their families would be
welcome to affiliate with this group as well as
existing and future organisations that are associated
with serving and retired military personnel. There
would be no membership fees, although contributions
would be accepted to help support charitable work
(and minimal and controlled administration). Like
United Way, associates would be asked to consider

Since charity begins at home, it would be advantageous
to have benevolent group independent of the
government, crown and any other group that actively
supports quality of life programs. The theme could be
to ensure that the serving and retired military and
their families are treated with dignity and respect in
recognition of their service to Canada.

One suggestion was to approach the Governor-General to
be the leader of the group in a recognised capacity
with an appropriate title. Another was to appoint a
board of governors and offer positions on this board
to serving and retired personnel including those
already affiliated with existing groups such as the
CPVA and RCL as well as individuals who would be
willing to work on behalf of all serving and retired
peronnel and their families. A small number of paid
employees would administer the charities and finances
with guidance and direction from the group leader,
governors and any other entity incorporated to achieve
the aim of the group.

While DND and VAC often talk about quality of life and
the provision of benefits and services, this group
would have only one purpose and that is to ensure that
no serving and retired person or family member suffers
in a country where universal social and welfare
services are a important cornerstone of society.

There have been too many examples of the military and
veterans living in poverty, lacking services and
ignored. This is ironic given that Canada expects its
military to serve with unlimited liability while
imposing limitations on the standard of living
supported by government and related agencies in

It should be the unalienable right of every serving
and retired member to have access to a quality of life
in recognition of their willingness to make the
greatest possible sacrifice for Canada. This should
not be influenced by rank, period of service,
performance or any other factor. This is essential so
that anyone who considers military service knows that
their commitment will be recognised before it begins
and with no limitations.

That being stated, it is reasonable to focus on
providing the needy with the bulk of the resources so
that all can enjoy a similar quality of life.

This is only a draft proposal and any comments are

Remember charity begins at home and the only ones that
can ensure it are those in the home.
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