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Article Date01-09-2009
Record TYPEVVi
Article TOPICLegacy DB (old)
Article TitleVeterans Satisfied With VAC? VAC SURVEY
Article ContentVAC claims that 85% of its Veterans are satisfied with their services and programs. However:
Only those who had contact with VAC in the previous year AND are in receipt of benefits actually complete the full survey (less than 50% of those receiving the survey). 
The response rate is approximately 76%.
The 85% number is in response to the general question of whether they encountered problems in the previous year. 15% said they encountered problems.
12% of the total surveyed or 75% of those who did encounter problems said that the problem was not resolved to their satisfaction (this is the most damning and notable number as it indicates VAC's inability to resolve problems...hence the pressing need for an Ombudsman)

Those veterans who have had the door shut on them in receiving benefits and those locked in VRAB battles and the families are not considered in the surveys. 

15% of VAC's 210,000 clients is 31,500. This is the minimum. When the number of vets AND families are included that number (60-100,000) of dissatisfied clients and families would easily double or triple . That is more than the Reg force component of the forces. This makes the need for an ombudsman all the more urgent and absolutely necessary
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