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Article Date01-09-2009
Record TYPEVVi
Article TOPICLegacy DB (old)
Article TitleCPVA C-45 Implementation Committee
Article ContentCPVA C-45 Implementation Committee
Hopefully you will all have seen the bundle of documents I forwarded to you from Ken Miller on the 14 and then again on the 15th. This note is a follow on the individual E mail notes I have been sending out enlisting your help.
I have been through the bundle now and detect some cause for concern but more work is required before I can define my concerns. My main concern is the time available to do all the work still required by the VAC staff to implement C-45 on 1 Apr. 06. The VAC staff we are working with appear dedicated to the consulting process with us. That being said at some point I feel they will receive orders get the job done. Getting Bill C-45 implemented on time regardless of any concerns we and other veterans may have. Or the Ministerís pledge to us all for active and continual consultation during the C-45 implementing process. Notwithstanding these concerns we have work to do so let us get on with it with a view to doing the best job possible representing our members and the veteranís community at large.Taking the bundle of documents received, I was surprised that the draft regulations on job placement and rehabilitation, the topics of our last meeting with VAC, were so brief. The question that came to mind immediately was where are the rest of the regulations? I have asked Ken if we are going to see more documentation and regulations on these two topics before we meet on the 28th.
We are all busy with our lives, careers, family, et al. To that end I am going to break down the bundle into hopefully more manageable mini bundles by assigning members topics to study in detail. However, please do not restrict yourselves to the assigned topics. Simply focus on them and feel free to review the whole bundle. We are going to have a Committee meeting next Thursday or Friday to start consolidating our concerns and observations with both the vision documents and draft regulations. Personally, I made a binding commitment prior to joining CPVA that unfortunately has me out of Victoria from the 20th to mid day on the 28th so I have asked Marlow to Chair the Committee meeting. I will send written comments to Marlow prior to the meeting.
It seems to me that the core issue facing us for the next meeting is the compensation for injury sustained on service. Both the Economic Loss Program and Permanent Impairment Allowance are pivotal to the New Veteranís Charter philosophy and more importantly to our colleagues still in uniform. Given Marlowís personal experience and his compelling statements made at the last session with VAC on these two topics I have asked him to delve into them on our behalf. To assist him with these two major topics I would much appreciate Tracy focusing on them too. I will leave it to the two of them to decide how best to share the work. Dave Munro has considerable experience with Last Post and veteranís funerals so he has agreed to analysis this topic. Terri has much interest on how the Health Care Program and Veterans Health Care Regulations unfolds and to that end I have asked her to take on this topic.Katherine and I will focus on the draft regulations on job placement, rehabilitation, and health care. Our advisors, Harold Sean, and CJ, I have assigned a roving brief. Letting them decide where they can best focus their attention with a view to providing us with ammunition to use at the meeting.†

†Please let me know your availability for a Committee meeting on Thursday or Friday at 1400 hrs at the Prince Edward Branch.

Cheers Larry
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