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Article Date01-09-2009
Record TYPERecord
Article TitleVeteran's Modernization Task Force Update
Article ContentNEWS

VMTF Update 31 Aug 2005

Subject: Update note....

Good morning everyone - I was just wanting to touch base with you all in

advance of our next face-to-face session in September.

Since we last met in late July, Louise and I have compiled all the comments

that you provided in relation to the Job Placement and Rehabilitation

programs, and we have shared that information with our design and regulatory

drafting teams. We continue to be on target for sharing drafts of these

regulations prior to our next meeting.

As well, we have been working along with our colleagues here in preparation

for the next round of consultations. As we did last time, Vision papers are

being prepared for each of the regulations that we will be discussing, and

these will be shared with you in advance of our meeting times. It is

presently expected that we will be ready with papers on the Health Care

program, portions of the Earnings Loss program, the Permanent Incapacity

Allowance, and consequential amendments to the Veterans Health Care

Regulations and the Veterans Burial Regulations.

On an other matter, I wanted to let you know as well that over the Summer we

have been working to create a forum on Special Needs. This would take the

form of an ad hoc work group including membership both from clients who have

experienced serious disabilities, both physical and psychological, and the

professionals who are experts in these matters. While the input that we

gain from you and your colleagues in the Veterans organizations is critical,

we felt that it was also important to create a venue whereby individual

Veterans could have a means of direct input should they chose to do so. As

the details of this initiative, including the Terms of Reference, are

completed, I will share additional information with you.

All for now. Best regards, Ken

J.K. Miller

Director - Consultation/Directeur - Consultation

Modernization Task Force/Groupe de travail sur la modernisation

(902) 368-0195; fax (902) 368-0389

e-mail/courrier électronique Ken.Miller@VAC-ACC.GC.CA
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