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19News 01-09-2009Military refuses to give details on JTF2 troops to Veterans AffairsElite unit is so secretive soldiers can't get disability benefits: Military refuses to give details on JTF2 troops to Veterans Affairs

The Ottawa Citizen
February 8, 2005
By David Pugliese

The intense secrecy surrounding the Ottawa-based Joint Task Force 2 special forces unit is preventing injured commandos from obtaining disability benefits.
20Minutes 01-09-2009Committee HearingsHi H
Good to talk with you. I guess you have your work cut out for you this weekend. Once again, I am really pleased that you are testifying on this issue. I am looking forward to seeing you in Ottawa.

here is the legion's testimony

Verna Bruce and Marinacci

22Archive 01-09-2009Pension Act Stabilization Clause (courtesy of the Airborne Brotherhood)(Extract of info provided by John M)In order not confuse members on pension benefits prior to and after the age 55 I proved the following. There is a present day policy in VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada) that states when an individual has been in receipt of their pension for a period of three years and they have attained the age of 55 years, that, that pe.......
23Info 01-09-2009The Use of Herbicides at CFB Gagetown from 1952 to Present Dayhe Government of Canada is committed to identifying and reporting on facts surrounding the use of Agent Orange, Agent Purple and other herbicides during the specific test periods in June 1966 and June 1967. It is also committed to identifying and reporting on facts surrounding the use of all herbicides sprayed at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown from.......
24NewsSDB01-09-2009SDB Claw-backOttawa Citizen
Dave Brown
October 9, 2005
Canada's gold diggers, those gorgeous younger women who would take advantage of aged military veterans, should unite in a class action defamation suit aimed at the Canadian government. The challenging question in the suit would be: How stupid do you think we are?

Reg Warkentin of Kingston is one of those v.......
26VViRCL01-09-2009RCL Ownership of the Poppy-----Original Message-----
From: SC (name protected) [mailto:]
Sent: 18-Oct-05 11:02
Subject: RE: Use of the Poppy image

Many thanks. We do regularly monitor sites to prevent unauthorized usage. All instances and variations of the Poppy symbol is covered under this trademark. We do not have a trademark.......
27NewsAgent Orange/Purple01-09-2009Agent Orange Gleaner Article 1The Canadian military will be looking in the wrong place if they conduct more soil tests
at a CFB Gagetown herbicide dump this summer, says an Agent Orange expert.
Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk has spent years studying Agent Orange's after-effects in
Vietnam and is the senior vice-president of Hatfield Consultants Ltd., a British
Columbia-based research comp.......
28News 01-09-2009Agent Orange Gleaner Article 2Tips from veteran leads to possible dump sites

A Black Watch veteran's suggestion of where to look for buried Agent Orange barrels might have turned up a valuable clue for Canadian Forces Base Gagetown officials.

David Weir was a soldier while the toxic herbicides were being sprayed in 1966 and 1967, and he remembers seeing about 25 or 30 used bar.......
29Legacy DB (old) 01-09-2009Changes to public sector pension plansOn 7 July 2005, the Treasury Board (TB) Secretariat announced the following two changes to the three major public sector pension plans, i.e. those applying to the Public Service employees, the Canadian Forces members, and the RCMP members.
Decrease in the reduction applied to the retirement pension at age 65
The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Quebe.......
30InfoSDB01-09-2009SDB UpdateIn early September, the oral argument was being presented at both the Public Service Class Action and the Canadian Forces Class Action concerning the Supplementary Death Benefits (SDB). The actions went to trial on the common issues at the Law Courts in Vancouver, on 13 June 2005.
Under the Public Service Superannuation Act (PSSA) and the Canadian Forc.......