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21 Jun 2020
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VAC Programs


Assistance Fund

Provides financial assistance for emergencies to any recipient of the War Veterans Allowance (WVA).


Career Transition Services

Finding a quality job is one of the most important things you need in your transition to civilian life.


Case Management

A service for former members and Veterans of the CF and RCMP, and their families who may need case management for assistance in coping with a serious injury, career transition or the loss of a loved one.


Detention Benefits

A tax-free lump sum payment awarded to Canadian Forces members or Veterans who, while serving in the Forces, were detained by an enemy.


Disability Award

A tax-free, lump-sum payment which provides immediate financial help in recognition of pain and suffering.


Disability Pension

A disability pension is designed to compensate you and/or your dependants if you are injured while in service. It is payable to eligible Veterans and survivors.


Financial Benefits

This program can help to compensate for the economic impact that a disability may have on you or your family, such as loss of your salary.


Funeral, Burial and Grave-marking Assistance

Provides and maintains grave markers and offers financial assistance to Veterans’ estates where the Veteran died as a result of a service-related disability or where there are insufficient funds to provide the

Veteran a dignified funeral and burial.


Group Health Insurance

This program offers eligible Veterans and certain survivors access to group health insurance under the Public Service Health Care Plan.


Health Care Benefits

The Health Care Benefits Program offers a wide range of health care benefits and services.


Health Care Card

Health Care benefits and/or services can be obtained by presenting your Health Identification card or letter to a registered provider.


Health Related Travel Claim Information


Mental Health

Services and benefits for Veterans, Canadian Forces members, RCMP members, and the families of those living with a mental health condition.


Prisoner Of War Compensation

A monthly payment made to a Veteran of the Canadian Forces, or Canadian merchant mariner, who was a POW for 30 days or more.


Providers Information Guide

This guide is for existing providers and for those who wish to become part of our Health Care Provider network. This guide also includes our Benefit Grids which provide information about our treatment benefits, their pre-requisites, and any limits associated with these benefits.


Rehabilitation Program

If you have been medically released or if you have a rehabilitation need that is primarily related to your military service, we can provide the support you need to transition from the military to civilian life.


Special Allowances

Other financial support for those who have received a VAC disability benefit.


Surviving Dependent Benefits

When a disability pensioner dies, the survivor will continue to receive the same pension (for a period of one year) that was being paid to the pensioner. After this one year period, a survivor's pension will be automatically paid.


Veterans Independence Program

A national home care program to help clients remain healthy and independent in their own homes or communities.


War Veterans Allowance

Financial assistance for low-income Veterans and their families.


New Veterans Charter

Do you qualify for programs under the New Veterans Charter? The Self-Screening Tool can help you determine whether you qualify.


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DND/CF Programs

Chief Military Personnel 

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SISIP Financial Services


SISIP Financial Services (SISIP FS) is proud to serve those who serve and to offer them the following high-quality financial services:

Life and Disability Insurance- Financial Planning
■Financial Counselling- Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund (CFPAF)
■Financial Education
■SISIP FS also endorses the new Canadian Forces Group Retirement Savings Plan (CFGRSP)

As a division of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA), SISIP FS enhances the quality of life of the military community and the operational effectiveness of Canadian Forces by contributing $2.5 million to the Morale and Welfare Base and Wing grants. SISIP FS also contributes financially to events such as the CF Sports Awards Ceremony, Operation Santa Claus, and the Volunteers Recognition Program.

SISIP FS has a team of highly-qualified and dedicated professionals in 18 offices throughout Canada. Go to to find out how they can assist you with financial solutions for today... and tomorrow!


See... LTD Claim Package - SISIP Financial Services


The SISIP Long Term Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Objective & Procedures, see...

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Human Resources and Skills Development  

Program Name CPP (QPP is similar) and Old Age Security (and supplement)  

Objective . To provide a retirement income to all working Canadians


Website .  

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Health Canada

Objective. The delivery of health care services in Canada is a provincial responsibility. Nevertheless, Health Canada plays a big role in collecting and disseminating health information. Its website at contains a number of sections that are particularly useful and help find links to provincial and NGO caregivers, including healthy living, health care, diseases and conditions and health protection. 


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Service Canada

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Provinces and Territories

The delivery of social services in Canada is largely a provincial responsibility.   The principle publications, offices, web sites and contacts for seniors are shown below. Provincial websites also have links to employment and training opportunities for those in the job market.  


Links on this page will take you to the Web sites of provincial and territorial governments.


Note: Service Canada cannot guarantee that these external Web sites will be available in both official languages or accessible to users of assistive technologies.

Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Québec Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador

Select a Province or Territory

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Regional and Local Services to Seniors  

Most regions and municipalities across Canada provide a range of seniors’ programs consistent with their size and capabilities.   These can usually be found on Goggle by keying in the name of the municipality, region or county and the words ‘seniors programs’.  

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Royal Canadian Legion (RCL)  

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Seniors' Info

Objective. Website designed with seniors to provide easy access for seniors, their families, and service providers to important information.


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NGO Programs  

There are many non-profit NGOs in Canada providing services and advice to a broad range of clients. A good website for locating NGOs is This website lists all charitable agencies in Canada with links to them.  


Last Post Fund (LPF)

Objective. To ensure, insofar as possible, that no war veterans or civilians who meet the eligibility criteria are denied a dignified funeral and burial for lack of sufficient funds.


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The largest Canadian veteran information, dissemination and database centre.


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