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 My Medical File
21 Jun 2020
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Still serving or judged release, or you are to be medical released, or you have just been medical released; here is what you need to do to try to get around the VAC Red Tape on medical release from the CF.....

What's What...

CF98 is the injury report that will be started by the military medical staff and will also be witnessed (signature) and signed by the MO. See if the military medical staff can make you a copy. It never hurts to try and you never know...

CF2034 is your large military Medical File  that holds all of your medical tests (like blood work, x-ray reports, specialist reports, CF98 Reports, Physio Reports and other important medical documents), medical examines, and Change of Medical Categories for your MOC. Your release medical (which will be good for your civilian doctor to have a copy) will also be on this file. It outlines the reasons for your release (and the Change of Medical Category). 

CF2016 is the small booklet that the medics, nurses, Physician Assistants and doctors write in when you go on Sick Parade.  
CF2138 emergency report is for when you are attached posted to another unit/base, go to sick parade after hours or the local medical clinic/hospital (when CF med services are not available)  






Send for you medical documents (your CF 2034- your large Medical File, CF 2016- sick parade book, any or all CF 2138s, Pharmacy Documents and any special medical test or specialist reports) by requesting them through the Privacy Commissioner. Your Unit or Base (Garrison) Orderly Room should have the correct forms (if not go to see Canada Post). You   can also contact the Privacy Commissioner directly via the Internet: and then click Index A-Z for info that you need to proceed. Access to Information forms are available at Also request all and any Veterans Affairs Files at the same time.  

  • CF 2034

  • CF 2016

  • CF 2138

Privacy Commissioner


Send for a copy of your Personal Military Files. This file will have all the administrative documents relating to your release and any Changes of Categories. It is a good idea to send for update copies of your medical and personal files yearly, especially if there have been changes or updates. Make sure you also request any old or new CF 98 Reports of Injuries. These have gone missing off medical files in the past. If you can, ask your Unit Medical Station or the Base-Garrison Hospital for copies of these files once they have been completed by you and witness by the medical staff. Make sure you lock these up in a secure place only you   or your family have access to. You may need it in the future.  

CF 98


Make   sure you have everything explained regarding, and understand all Changes, in you Medical Category. Have the Medical Officer, Nurse, Physician Assistant or Medical Technician explain everything to you, including career restrictions and any special procedures or tests, specialist appointments (including Civilian appointments). Again, ask if you can obtain a copy or are able to have it written out for your own personal files.  



Visit the Base - Garrison - Station Pharmacy (or Civilian Pharmacy) for lists of all medications you have taken through out your career. Have the Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician explain anything you do not understand. Each and every medication you have taken for conditions associated with you Medical Release will on these forms. So make sure your understand them enough. Most pharmacy stores can give you full information on each drug and all the information required to know.  



If you know, or roughly know, when your medical release date might be, make copies of the military pharmacy document to your new civilian pharmacy (once   you are out of the Military). This information may help you in the future when dealing with Veterans Affairs. This is also a good idea because it gives your new pharmacy your past medication history.  



The final Medical   Category for release from the CF: make sure you understand all the reasons for your release. Again, obtain any and all copies of your military medical history you can. Have the Medical Officer explain everything and write things down for clarity. The more you know, the more you empower yourself for now and in the future.  

Med Category


Last: THE AGE FACTOR...The age for retirement is higher now than in the past. Once you reach age Sixty it is almost impossible to apply for a medical pension or to have changes made on you pension. Veterans Affairs uses this   age to stop applications and appeals because the body start to breakdown much faster after age 60. I have tried to do applications and appeals after 60 for retired Service Members and have never been successful in my 25 years of volunteering to helping retired and serving CF Members.  

Med claim before 60!







Write for your medical documents (as in the Check List   Item 1, above for those about to be released from the CF).   

Privacy Commissioner


Find a Civilian Physician (if you do not already have one for after your release). As so as your are released medically have copies of all of your medical files listed above for your civilian family doctor: CF 2034 (large medical file), CF 2016 (Sick Parade Book), CF 98 Reports of Injuries, CF 2138 Emergency   Report, Pharmacy Files and your Personal Admin File).  

  • CF2034

  • CF 2016

  • CF 98

  • CF 2138


Note: if your civilian Doctor does not understand the Military Medical Document, if possible, go to the nearest military base - station and have the medical staff explain the document further. You can also try to call the nearest military base or write for clarity to the Department of National Defence (or email:  



If your first attempt at a claim with Veterans Affairs fails, APPEAL immediately (twice if you have to)! If Veterans Affairs has turned you down for the last time, they will then tell you have to appeal to the Federal Court of Canada. It would be a good idea to find out   how to do this prior to your first application. Veterans Affairs gives you only 30 days to   make   your appeal to the Federal Court of Canada, so be ready for this and find out ahead how to do this. If you have exhausted your last appeal and only have 30 days to appeal, you are now have the impossible task of launching an appeal to the Courts. Be ready prior to your first application for appeal or just after you send in your final appeal. This might help get your case to be heard by the Court.   You may be required to pay lawyer-legal fees up front for appeal to the Federal Court of Canada. 

VRAB More to come to you in the future on VVi


Make sure you use all available resources and keep you physician, lawyer, the Royal Canadian Legion (if you decide to go this route - and again more to follow in future articles) and your family updated on any changes or new medical information. I hope in the near future to train all of you on   how to red your medical documents, on how to understand your Military Medical files, veterans Affairs Files, you Military Pers file and any other files involved with your case.


NOTE A: If you are seeking any medical advice you can call the CF Member Health Information Line at 1 877 633-3368. Again it is important to notify your Base/Wing/UMS/Unit Aid Station/MIR/Medical Clinic of any medical care received after hours so your medical records can be updated. Make sure you make note of 1 877 633-3368 as it is an excellent and important link that could help you on before and after your release. For more information see website:

NOTE B: General Inquiries to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner please contact: 


Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376

Phone: (613) 947-1698

Fax: (613) 947-6850

Or by mail requesting how to obtain your CF Medical and Admin documents:


112 Kent Street, Place de Ville, Tower B, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1H3

NOTE C:  If you require any additional information or have questions please feel free to contact me via Veterans Voice at I hope the information we provided can be of help. 

NOTE D: All efforts were made to make this information as accurate as possible considering the CF guidelines. Information can be subject to change without notice. We will try our best to provide any and all updates if so required. 

Last, we wish you all the best on your upcoming or recent medical release from the CF. Good luck and all the best from the VVi!

  Doc Registered Physician's Assistant, Nurse and Sports Medicine Consultant   


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