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Access to Information (ATI) Process
16 Nov 2022
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All disabled veterans, whether your claims were successful or not are encouraged to request information on your personal and 'private' file. 


Dept of Justice - Access To Information Act website.




I highly recommended that each and every pensioned veteran makes an access to information with VAC. For one, they sometimes loose documents, second you have personal notes of individuals who handled your case and it is often interesting to see what they wrote on you.

  • VAC PPU 020 - Health Care Programs (Non-pension Related)

  • VAC PPU 030 - Treatment of a Pensioned Condition

  • VAC PPU 055 - Pensions and Compensation

  • VAC PPU 080 - Reviews and Appeals

  • VAC PPU 085 - Client Database

  • VAC PPU 090 - Legal Services for Pension Applicants and Allowance Appellants


A PDF Performa for for ATI may also be found here: form.pdf 


The VAC web page on ATI may be found at


Once your form is filled out you can send it to:


Veterans Affairs Canada

Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator

P.O. Box 7700

Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island C1A 8M9

Tel.: (902) 566-7060

Fax: (902) 368-0496


Remember to enclose a cheque of five dollars ($5.00) with your mailed ATI.


They will accept faxes.


VAC website A-Z index:



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