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VVI On-Line Database
Veteran advocacy News, periodicals, briefs, papers, data, etc.  

VVi Your Med File
Still serving or to be medical released; here is what you need to do to try to get around the VAC Red Tape on medical release from the CAF.

Merck (Medical) Manual
The consumer's best first place to go for medical information.

VAC Claims Applications
Forms for medically released.

Access to Information (ATI) Process
All disabled veterans, whether your claims were successful or not are encouraged to request information on your personal and 'private' file.

VAC Services

If you are a current or former member of the CAF or RCMP, or a family member, we have targeted services and benefits to improve your well-being throughout your life.



VAC Benefits Navigation

Learn more about your services and benefits.



VAC Mobile Device AppThe PTSD Coach Canada mobile app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that can occur after trauma.



VAC Treatment Benefits
This benefits grid was last updated on April 1, 2019.
Search this database to find coverage details, including frequencies and dollar limits, for benefits and services within VAC’s fourteen (14) programs of choice, except for dental, medical services and prescriptions (POC 10).



Services Canada Benefits Finder
Answer the questions below to get a customized list of benefits for which you may be eligible. The Benefits Finder may suggest benefits from federal, provincial or territorial governments.



Blue Cross Medavie - Service Provider Reimbursement
Medavie/Blue Cross Service Provider.



Veteran Programs Index
Other veteran programs.




VVi Veterans' Advocacy Aide Memoire

PDF format for download.



Pension Act
Act current to 2020-02-11 and last amended on 2019-07-15. Previous versions available. Applicable to CF veterans who made a disability claim prior to 01 April 2006.



New Veterans Charter (NVC)

The Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act known as the New Veterans Charter (NVC). THE NVC came into force 01 April 2006 and applies to all CF personnel medically released from that date.



Pension for Life

Pension for Life is a combination of benefits that provide recognition, income support and stability to members and Veterans who experience a service related illness or injury.



50 years understanding the realities of the military lifestyle, have made us the exclusive and trusted provider of financial products and services to Canada’s military community.

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Neurotoxic Antimalarial Mefloquine (Lariam).

Marijuana For Trauma.

VAC Ministerial Advisory Groups
Advisory Groups (AG) to the Minister VAC.

Canadian Military & Veteran Discount  Guide: The Ultimate List
A veteran's consumer guide to merchandise and products.

Federal Government Jobs for Armed Forces Veterans
CAF Veterans, have a preference for appointment when they apply, and are found qualified, for externally advertised jobs in the federal public service.

VAC Infographics and infobytes
Information graphics (infographics and infobytes) are visual representations presented in a straightforward and engaging manner.




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