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VVi is for you, all veterans, regardless of whether you belong to a veteran organization or not. VVi is a distribution centre, a conduit for making sure that the information you need as a veteran is there for you in a timely fashion. Our aim is to provide a forum for all Canadian veterans, serving members and their families to have access to information pertaining to veteran rights.

VVi is an independent site, not associated with any governmental department, agency or veteran organization. VeteranVoice.info is maintained by independent contributions.

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All Federal Party -  Federal parties' veteran platform

VVi has made available a sub-site focusing on a consolidated presentation the federal parties' veteran election platforms. These platforms are centrally located for ease of viewing by VVi subscribers. Further, you may also provide your personal comments to each party veteran platform, and/or review comments made by others.

Instructions: Two ways to view the veteran platform sub-site are as follows:CLICK to enlarge in new window

1. Within the VVi site. On the right of your screen, under 'Highlights', click on the 'News Highlights' accordion menu. Select and click on the drop down menu item 'News Highlights' . At the bottom right of your screen a 'News Highlights' frame will appear with a number of items. Select and click on ' All Federal Party - Election Platforms on Vets' Issues'. In the centre of your screen, the sub-site will appear. Simply select and click on the party you want to review. Comments feedback, as well as others' comments are at the bottom of each party's page.



2. Direct. Although some of the scripting may be lost, the direct link will still work, including Comments feedback and viewing others' comments. https://veteranvoice.info/elections2011/elections_index.htm

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Veteran Aide Memoire PDF

Feedback responses from VVi Periodical 201140, Veteran Aide Memoire, a 'field' guide for all veterans was all positive in reference to both the issues listed, as well as confirming full distribution of the Aide Memoire. Several responses provided additional ideas and clarification on certain points. All were considered.

Brief summary of the Veteran Aide Memoire's purpose. The Aide Memoire is strictly to be used as a guide for ALL veterans. It is a ‘field’ manual for veterans’ quick access to the outstanding issues. It is not a policy paper, nor the end-all, be-all of all outstanding veteran issues. It is simply a guide that aggregates many of the major veteran issues in one place, on five pages. To understand the issues in more detail, as well as to learn of other issues and mechanisms needed, further research is required. Most information is available on or through VeteranVoice.info (VVi).

Distribution. The Veteran Aide Memoire is available for free download, use and reposting to other sites by all Canadians, veterans, citizens, lobby groups, advocates, and of course political parties and their representatives.

Download Instructions. The Veteran Aide Memoire is only available only in PDF format from VVi. However, anyone may download the PDF file and redistribute in any format they wish. There are two methods to download the file:

1. Within the VVi site. On the right of your screen, under 'Highlights', click on the 'Vet Aide Memoire' accordion menu. you then have a choice to download a zipped copy. which opens in a new window, or to view the PDF copy in the middle of your screen. You can also download the PDF copy from this location.


2. Direct:

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You  Can Help!

All veterans are encouraged to pass information, opinions, links to self-help sites onto VVi. VeteranVoice.info is a distribution centre and we are dependant on others to pass information. This is your site. Tell other veterans about your site.  Email info@VeteranVoice.info .

VVi-CAV Joint Veteran Support Programs


"The CAV Motorcycle Units"


Need Other Veterans' Assistance?

See https://veteranvoice.info/webpages/9volunteer_jvsp_vetaid_dbsearch.html 


Need a service, including legal and medical help, or interested in job opportunities?

See https://veteranvoice.info/webpages/9volunteer_jvsp_profsvc_dbsearch.html 


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Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units (The CAV):

Canadian Forces Chief of Defence Staff Military Family Fund: http://www.cfpsa.com/mfamily/
Canadian Veteran Adventure Foundation http://www.canadianveteranadventurefoundation.com/index.html


Canadian Veteran Advocacy


Call for Backup http://www.callforbackup.ca/ 

Gulf War Illness Medical Research: https://veteranvoice.info/ARCHIVE/GWImedicalresearch.pdf 


National (US) Gulf War Resources Center, Inc. http://www.ngwrc.org/ 
VViPetitions https://veteranvoice.info/WebPages/5Petitions.html 
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and War-Related Stress: http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/content/mhealth/ptsd_warstress/ptsd_warstress_e.pdf
VViProtests https://veteranvoice.info/WebPages/5Protests.html
Summary of CF Programs and Services for Ill or Injured CF Members (PDF) https://veteranvoice.info/Archive/info_09dec_CF Programs and Services-Draft-Dec_16_09 1.pdf
VViVeteranVoice.info On-Going Issues https://veteranvoice.info/WebPages/3bon_going_issues.html
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Veteran Ombudsman http://www.ombudsman-veterans.gc.ca/ 
Veterans of Canada http://veteransofcanada.ca/ 
Wounded Warriors Fund: http://www.woundedwarriors.ca/

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