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VVi is for you, all veterans, regardless of whether you belong to a veteran organization or not. VVi is a distribution centre, a conduit for making sure that the information you need as a veteran is there for you in a timely fashion. Our aim is to provide a forum for all Canadian veterans, serving members and their families to have access to information pertaining to veteran rights.

VVi is an independent site, not associated with any governmental department, agency or veteran organization. is maintained by independent contributions.

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Establishment of the VAC Ombudsman Office


Source: (VAC )


On April 3, 2007, VAC announced the establishment of the Veterans Ombudsman. 

This position is suppose to be an impartial, arms-length and independent officer with the responsibility to assist Veterans to pursue their concerns and advance their issues. The Veterans Ombudsman is to play an effective and an important role in raising the awareness of Vteran's needs and concerns, which will supposedly enhance Veteran's confidence that their views are important.

The Ombudsman will uphold the Veterans Bill of Rights and will review individual and systemic issues arising from it.

On October 15, 2007, the Minister of VAC announced the appointment of Colonel Patrick Stogran, MSC. CD, as the first Veterans Ombudsman, effective November 11, 2007.

The Ombudsman's office should be fully operational by early in the new year. In the meantime, you can contact them at:

1-877-330-4343, or write to them at: 

P.O Box 18, 

Stn B, 

Ottawa ON 

K1P 6C3.




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Colonel Patrick Stogran MSC. CD. - Veterans Ombudsman


Sources: VAC web site 

DND web site








Colonel Stogran spent his teenage years in Richmond, B.C. before attending Royal Roads Military College in August 1976. Graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1980 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he was posted to the Third Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Victoria. During this time, he was employed as a Rifle Platoon Commander for two years, Mortar Platoon Commander for three years, and completed his tour as Operations Captain.

In January of 1986, Colonel Stogran attended Division I of the Technical Staff Course at the Royal Military College of Sciences in Shrivenham, England. The following year, he joined the Light Armoured Vehicle Project Office in Ottawa where he participated in drafting the formal Statement of Requirement that led to the recent acquisitions of the Coyote and LAV III. A tour with the Canadian Airborne Regiment was to follow, cut short by promotion to major and a subsequent posting to the First Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Calgary to be a Mechanized Company Commander. He served in this capacity for three years during which time his company participated in training in dismounted operations in Norway, urban warfare in the United States, and mountain operations in the Rockies. This was followed by a yearlong secondment to the United Nations as a Military Observer in Bosnia where, as the Team Leader in the enclave of Gorazde during the Serbian offensive of April 1994, he was Mentioned-in-Dispatch for courage under fire.

Upon returning to Canada in 1994, Colonel Stogran attended the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College. In July 1995, he was posted to the Australian Army Land Warfare Centre. As a formation-level tactics instructor, Colonel Stogran was the subject matter expert in manoeuvre warfare theory, mechanized operations, and non-combatant evacuation operations.

Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel Stogran returned to Canada and took up a position with the Department of Applied Military Sciences at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ont. As a Directing Staff instructing military technologies and project management on the Land Force Technical Staff Program, Colonel Stogran was personally responsible for the preparation and delivery of all aspects of the Modern Weapons and Military Vehicles Courses. Colonel Stogran is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.

Colonel Stogran assumed command of 3 PPCLI in September 2000. The Battalion became the Immediate Reaction Force (Land) in April 2001 and deployed to Afghanistan on Operation APOLLO/ENDURING FREEDOM in February 2002, marking the first time Canada has committed to ground combat operations since the Korean War. During the tour the Battalion launched the first combat air assault mission in the history of the Canadian Army and conducted numerous defensive and offensive combat missions at section, platoon, company and battle group level.

After returning from Afghanistan, Colonel Stogran was posted to National Defence Headquarters with the Land Staff. He is currently the Associate Director General of Science and Technology Operations at Defence Research and Development Canada.

Much of Colonel Stogran's spare time is consumed by his passion for martial arts and related training, as he holds a second degree black belt in Karate with over thirty years of experience internationally. However, the source of his greatest enjoyment is quality time spent with his family.


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Veteran Bill of Rights


Source: VAC web site

Veteran Bill of Rights


Veterans Bill of Rights - PDF Version

The Veterans Bill of Rights is an expression of Veterans rights. It is a declaration of rights for all war-service Veterans, Veterans and serving members of the Canadian Forces (Regular and Reserve), members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, spouses, common-law partners, survivors and primary caregivers, other eligible dependants and family members, and other eligible clients.

The Veterans Bill of Rights was developed to strengthen VAC's ability to respond quickly and fairly to the concerns of Veterans. It sets out the rights of Veterans and clients in accessing Veterans Affairs' programs and services. 



The Veterans Bill of Rights applies to all clients of Veterans Affairs. They include:

  • Veterans with war service
  • Veterans and serving members of the Canadian Forces (Regular and Reserve)
  • Members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Spouses, common-law partners, survivors and primary caregivers
  • Other eligible dependants and family members
  • Other eligible clients


You have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy.
  • Take part in discussions that involve you and your family.
  • Have someone with you for support when you deal with Veterans Affairs.
  • Receive clear, easy-to-understand information about our programs and services, in English or French, as set out in the Official Languages Act.
  • Have your privacy protected as set out in the Privacy Act.
  • Receive benefits and services as set out in our published service standards and to know your appeal rights.

You have the right to make a complaint and have the matter looked into if you feel that any of your rights have not been upheld.


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